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Information regarding medical cards:

After May 21 2014 all medical cards will need a national registry number. If your physical is accomplished before May 21 2014 and extends past may 21 2014 deadline, that physical remains valid until its listed expiration date.

Make sure the certificate (wallet card) is filled out correctly before leaving the Medical Examiner’s office. In the upper area of the card there are 6 check box’s. The box that reads qualified by operation of 49 CFR should NOT be checked. This is a special study group for the DOT and will not apply to Manatts truck drivers. If your Medical examiner has a national registry number it would need to be in the indicated block. Make sure that the block marked Intrastate only is marked NO. Make sure that the block marked CDL is marked YES. If you have any questions contact the Safety department at the Brooklyn office.

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National Registry for Certified Medical Examiners in Iowa:

Click this link to view the registry.