I-680 Reconstruction

Manatts, Inc. was a part of the reconstruction of Interstate 680 after the record flooding in the summer of 2011.

34 days
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Interstate 680
Year Completed:

Due to the record flooding in Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska in the summer of 2011, a portion of Interstate 680 was completely washed away.  When the water receded in early fall, the DOT bid the project and requested that the reconstruction of the interstate be an accelerated project.  Manatts, Inc. was a subcontractor on the project and in charge of the concrete paving.  PCI and Reilly Inc. were the prime contractors on the project.  PCI was responsible for the grading and rock placement while Reilly recycled the concrete.  In total the project was 2.6 miles.  It included both the east and west bound lanes and reconstruction of six exit ramps.  Manatts produced approximately 40,540 cubic yards of concrete to complete this project! Under normal circumstances, this project would have taken 3-4 months to complete.  With the communication and collaboration of the state and contractors on the job, it was complete in just over a month.  It took an incredible amount of dedication, hard work and lots and lots of overtime, but we made it happen.