Old 6 Road Widening & Overlay

The PCC division was fortunate enough to be able to work on a project very close to homeĀ for a portion of the summer of 2013.

West of Brooklyn, IA
Year Completed:

Manatt's, Inc. PCC & Project Division widened and repaved a portion of Old 6 Road in the city of Brooklyn and continuing west out of town.

The job consisted of completely removing the pavement in the city limits of Brooklyn up to the Casey's intersection and replacing it with 18 ft. wide 8" concrete with a 3 ft curb and gutter section on each side. Outside of the city limits consisted of an unbounded concrete overlay 8 miles long, 6" depth heading west out to new Hwy 6. The new road was widened 3 feet on each side with a 10" concrete shoulder as part of the 6" overlay. West of the city limits, the existing asphalt was profile milled with our stringless mill, stringless paving followed using that same profile the mill prepared.