Reclamation & Stabilization

Manatts’ Reclamation and Stabilization division recovers or stabilizes the existing pavement to help our clients save money when repairing or resurfacing a road.

Full Depth Reclamation is a pavement rehabilitation technique in which the full flexible pavement section and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials are uniformly pulverized and blended together to provide a stabilized base course.

Reclamation is a valuable tool that can:

  • use existing thin layer asphalt pavement or sealcoat as improved base material for a replacement thin lift overlay or sealcoat, or
  • convert gravel and crushed rock into dust free pavements.

There are three types of Stabilization:

  • Mechanical stabilization is when our crew pulverizes the existing pavement or roadway only. Then it is re-compacted and graded.
  • Bituminous stabilization is when┬áour crew┬áincorporates an asphalt emulsion binder, or asphalt binder when doing foamed asphalt, to blend with the existing HMA layer and rock base.
  • Chemical stabilization is done with the incorporation of agents such as Portland Cement, Hydrated Lime, Class C Fly Ash, or Calcium Chloride. All of these are used as cementitious additives, which provide strength.

For questions, information, or bidding please contact:

Dave Schinckel
Division Manager
office: 641-522-9206 Ext. 207
fax: 641-522-5594