Shouldering & Subdrain

Manatts’  Shouldering and Subdrain division was formed nearly two decades ago.  In those nearly 20 years, the crews have gained knowledge and experience that is valuable to our company.  For example, our subdrain crews have placed over 4200 miles of subdrain in the state of Iowa.  That is enough subdrain to cross our state 13.5 times!!  Now that’s experience!

Manatts’ crews travel the state installing Longitudinal Subdrain in the shoulder of roadways. Subdrain installation provides for the drainage of the subgrade, which is the foundation your project will be built on.  Our crews use a shouldering machine that places the rock at a pre-determined depth and width as specified on each project. This process can cover several miles a day and can involve up to 40 trucks.

Installing subdrain on a highway

For questions, information, or bidding please contact:

Dave Schinckel
Division Manager
office: 641-522-9206 Ext. 207
fax: 641-522-5594