Manatts’ Chip Sealcoat division is very versatile. Our crews have the experience to make sure each job is completed correctly and efficiently.

Chip sealcoating has many uses:

  • dust control agent
  • protect pavement from UV ray oxidation
  • fill and seal cracks in pavement
  • give gravel roads a smoother surface

Chip sealcoating is one of the least expensive, most effective ways to protect the investment made of an asphalt pavement and/or turn gravel streets into dust free streets while cutting the maintenance costs down.

Chip sealcoating is a process of applying a pre-determined rate of asphalt binder and cover aggregate. The asphalt binder is sprayed from a heated distributor truck to the surface of the roadway.  The whole process is done in matter of minutes and presents a minimum impact on the flow of traffic.

Sealcoating a residential street

For questions, information, or bidding please contact:

Dave Schinckel
Division Manager
office: 641-522-9206 Ext. 207
fax: 641-522-5594