Technical Services

Manatts’ Technical Services division was started because of our commitment to quality.  Our technical services’ employees are highly trained and certified.  It is very important to us that these individuals understand our philosophy and the significance of quality.  Our quality control technicians test our products several times throughout each work day to ensure a consistent, dependable product that is durable and exceeds expectations.  They also make sure that all products are in compliance with any state or federal specification or requirement.   

Asphalt Mix:
Manatts complies with all Federal, FAA, State, County, and Municipal specifications and codes when producing its asphalt mix. At a minimum, we test in accordance with DOT requirements on every single job.

Concrete Mix:
Manatts selects the proportions of cement mixture, admixtures, and aggregates carefully in order to make sure specifications and performance requirements are met. Our team tests the aggregates before they are added to the mix for gradation, specific gravity, and moisture. We then randomly test our concrete mixtures for slump, air, unit weight, yield, and strength. Simply put, we produce the finest concrete mix you can buy.

Services Provided:

  • We offer technical expertise in the area of value engineering for concrete mix designs and asphalt mix designs.
  • We offer technical advice to contractors, subcontractors, owners, engineers, and architects. This advice is to meet their needs but also give solutions on their designs, problems, expectations, and desires.
  • We offer training to customers and clients on the use and parameters of both concrete and asphalt.
  • We offer solutions to the most challenging stages of construction.

Technical Services Lab:

Contacts for Manatts’ Technical Services Division:

Dale Pirkl
Technical Services Director
office: 641-522-9206
cell: 319-350-4559