Recycle Crushing

In 1993, employees of Manatt’s, along with employees from Wendling Quarries and Duit Construction conceived the idea for the Paradigm crushing machine. This innovative machine was the first of its kind to be built, put to use in large scale heavy construction, and has revolutionized the industry. Prior to this machine’s existence, the torn up material had to be hauled to a fixed location, crushed, and then hauled back to the construction site. The Paradigm, labeled as such because of its ability to break the ordinary line of thinking previously accepted as the norm, has the capability to recycle concrete in place. This changed the entire methodology of heavy-highway construction. The time and cost savings are staggering in the domino effect it creates. Trucks are no longer running back and forth through the busy construction zone. Safety issues are reduced. Haul roads require less maintenance. Concrete can be broken, crushed, and recycled in the exact same spot it came from.

Our crews also have the capability to perform third party recycle crushing.  Our portable recycling plant can be set up at a location to recycle concrete or asphalt for our customers.

Gomaco features information about the Paradigm inside their success stories section. Click here to read more about it.

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